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Have you considered a web site for
your business or organization?

There are many reasons why a web site makes good business sense. In most cases, a web site will easily pay for itself in increase revenue.


Let people find you on the internet
This is probably the single most important reason to have a web site. More and more people use the internet as their source of information. People use the internet yellow pages and search engines to find the product or services they need. Your business probably already shows up on the internet yellow pages. Does your name include a link to your web site? You need to have a web site in order for your business to show up on internet search engines.

Supplement your current advertising
Consider the use of a web site to show people samples of your work. Provide the web site address in your classified ads, yellow page ads, and billboards. Give out the address over the phone. You can often reduce the cost of your other advertising by providing a web address that provides more details to customers and potential customers.

Show people your stuff!
Use your web site to provide samples of your product or service and pricing details. Limousine services can show their fleet of vehicles. Landscaping professionals can show before and after photos of their work. DJ's and musicians can provide samples of their song lists. Catering businesses can present their menus and party platters. Customers feel comfortable being able to see what you have to offer.

Present a professional image
A nice looking web site provides a reflection of how you do business. The presence of a web site tells customers you are proud of your products and services. Pictures show potential customers that you do quality work.

Generate repeat business
Many businesses use e-mail to keep their name in front of their current customers. Carpet cleaning businesses send out e-mail reminders on an annual basis. Air conditioning businesses use e-mail to remind customers that it is time to service their air conditioning units. There may be similar ways to generate repeat business for you.

Reserve your domain name NOW!
Thousands of businesses are reserving domain names every day. Make sure that the name you like is not taken away before you take action.

Begin the website design process by contacting Moonlight Computing in Troy IL


Let us know you are interested in a web site by calling or e-mailing us.

We search for an appropriate domain name and suggest a number of alternatives.

We discuss your needs and provide an initial ballpark estimate of setup and monthly costs.

You give us the go ahead.

We reserve the domain name and work with you in developing the web site.


We work with you through the entire process of establishing a web presence:

• Evaluation of need
• L
ogo development
• Domain search, registration, and 
• Web site design
• Database and special needs
• E-mail setup
• Hosting
• Promotion
• Internet yellow pages submission





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