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Moonlight Computing provides a number of
services in addition to web hosting and design.



We have designed numerous databases and developed complete software systems for our customers over the years. Many programs we wrote in the early 1980's are still in use today.


evaluation of needs


database design using any of the following databases and more

  • Access

  • dBASE/FoxPro

  • SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • My SQL


software design using any of the following languages

  • C

  • Java

  • VisualBasic

  • Perl/CGI

  • Clipper

  data transfer from existing software
  data entry
  implementation and training


Software Documentation
Internet/CD-ROM publishing
Employee Policy Guides
Document Editing

Author of dBase for Windows Made Easy

Co-author of Clipper Programming,
Wordperfect the Complete Reference,
and Windows for Workgroups.


Fast and accurate data entry services. We can use your existing software / database or create a custom solution for your needs.

Hourly rates vary depending on the type and quantity of the work and whether or not the work it done on or off site.

Call for more information.




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